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How to Change Photo Album Names in iOS

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Sorting pictures into albums on your iOS devices is a good way to manage photos intended for different purposes, and some image editing apps like Snapseed and Instagram will create their own albums to help keep things arranged. It’s not uncommon for an albums purpose to evolve though, and what once may have held just a bunch of pictures for picture frame mode on the iPad may have slowly evolved into a broader place to store photos, making a name change appropriate.

Renaming those photo albums isn’t entirely obvious though, so we’ll cover how to do this on an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Renaming Photo Albums on iPhone & iPod touch

  • Open Photos and stay in the primary screen with all photo albums listed, then tap “Edit” in the upper right corner
  • Tap directly on the name of the album you want to rename to summon the keyboard
  • Enter the new album name then tap “Done” to complete the change

Before tapping on Done, selecting other albums will let you change their names as well.

Changing an album name on the iPhone and iPod touch both look identical, and while doing this on the iPad is basically the same process, it looks pretty different because the albums are displayed in thumbnail views rather than lists.

Rename a Photo Album on iPad

  • Open Photos and tap on “Edit”
  • With the (x) now visible on the albums corner, tap directly on the album name to change it
  • Tap “Done” to finish renaming the album, or tap another albums name to rename another one

You can rename any album with the exception of Camera Roll, which holds all photos on the device. There are some cases where you won’t want to change the given names though, because some iOS image editing apps like Snapseed will create their own albums for photos altered or modified with those apps. As you may have guessed, if you change the name of those albums made by apps and then use the app again, that app will end up generating a new album with the apps name again anyway.

Data source: osXdaily

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